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People Start A Dachshund Parade To Cheer Up The Neighborhood

Dogs have a special way of bringing people together — and this month, one little dachshund named Friday helped an entire neighborhood get closer when they needed it most. Since Friday came into his mom’s life, he’s made quite an impression on her and her La Jolla, California, neighbors. INSTAGRAM/DASFRIDAY “He’s intelligent, fearless, playful and walks proudly with a strut that turns heads,” Lani Nguyen, Friday’s mom, told The Dodo. “He’s the most gregarious little dachshund, making friends with everyone he meets. He’s been dubbed ‘The Mayor of Marine Street Beach’ and everywhere he goes people smile as they shout, ‘It’s Friday!’” Nguyen was walking Friday when she bumped into fellow dog lover Jacqueline Bokor.  “We struck up a conversation...

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HEATWAVE HERO Moment man smashes car window with AXE to save dog left trapped inside in 34C heatwave

THIS is the dramatic moment a dog was rescued from a car by a hero with an axe as Britain boiled in a 34C heatwave. Footage shows the Good Samaritan smash a car window after the Yorkshire Terrier was abandoned in sweltering temperatures. A hero used an axe to smash through a car window and rescue a dog in a 34C heatwaveCredit: SAMANTHA HEAVER/ FACEBOOK He broke through the glass after seeing the tiny dog trapped on one of the hottest days of the year Credit: SAMANTHA HEAVER/ FACEBOOK The dog was in the car for about 45 minutes while its owner went to CurrysCredit: Samantha Heaver facebook The tiny Yorkshire terrier had been trapped in the car on one of the...

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